Feel and Look Younger By Considering Your Whole Self by Kent Elliot

Health is more than just what you eat — it’s an overall feeling of wellness, and the activities you do each day offer touchpoints for how you perceive yourself and your body. Feeling young doesn’t have to be relegated just to a measure of age in years. Instead of concerning yourself with chronological age, focus on how to create well-being both mentally and physically. With a healthy body and mind, you can create a healthy whole and continue to feel young as you age.

Healthy Body

There are several ways you can ensure your physical health is in peak condition, as well — and this will help you look and feel younger as you age. For instance, ask yourself: Are you getting enough sleep? A 2017 study found that neglecting sleep leads to impacts on facial appearance and social interactions, even. So getting enough sleep each night — seven to nine hours for healthy adults — can be the boost your body needs.

Poor oral health can lead to many health issues, including high blood pressure, fertility problems, and cancer. Floss and brush every day, and schedule cleanings every six months with your dentist. Also, if you have crooked teeth, it can be considerably more difficult to keep them clean, which can lead to gum disease, headaches, and chewing issues. In-office treatments are available for more severe tooth misalignment cases, but if you have a mild to moderate case, byte offers reliable at-home treatments which use high-frequency vibration technology to achieve faster results. 

The food you put in your body also constitutes a form of self-care. Healthy eating, with plenty of greens and a diet full of vitamins and nutrients, improves well-being, not least of which allows you to be more active. All of this enhances your overall wellness. Both physical health and mental health are impacted by your daily diet, and eating several servings of fruits and vegetables has been proven to improve the way your skin looks and feels. For instance, tomatoes, berries, and avocados contain nutrients that help you build collagen, which has been shown to be more prevalent in young skin.

You don’t have to make huge changes to incorporate better food into your daily routine. Healthy, affordable meals can be created just by going to your pantry. Examples of pantry-friendly staples include familiar items like rice, bread, tomato soup, and beans. With a combination of these foods and some vegetables, you can make a wide variety of foods. For instance, have soup and sandwiches for a healthy lunch and then taco bowls for dinner.

Healthy Mind

A sizable portion of what constitutes health and self-care can be attributed to your mental stability and wellbeing. Stress contributes to feeling older than you actually are and can have other unfortunate side effects as well, like hypertension and increased blood pressure. What’s more, according to statistics published by the American Psychological Association in 2017, stress is on the rise, with 75 percent of Americans surveyed experiencing at least one symptom of stress, as opposed to 71 percent the previous year.

Decreasing stress levels and maintaining balance are the first steps to making sure your mental health is taken care of. For instance, a positive mindset has been shown to be consistently key to improving both mental and physical well-being. According to a study by Yale University, people who feel better about themselves as they age live up to seven and a half years longer than those who have a more pessimistic outlook.

Another way you can combat negative stressors is to ensure that your home is comfortable and fresh — providing a vibrant sanctuary for you to relax in. Research has shown that comfort reduces stress hormones and improves overall happiness. Gather cozy blankets, put on your tea kettle, and create a clutter-free zone. Family arguments or general complaining and criticism can be offset by cleaning your space and letting in some fresh air.

Healthy Whole

By managing stress and paying attention to what you’re putting in your body, you can combat feeling older than you are. Start now, feel more energized, and see — and feel — the results! Want to practice yoga with beautiful views and relaxing waves? Drop in for a class at Beach Yoga SoCal!

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